Tuesday 26 May 2015

Ecosystem Generator

Ever wish you could generate a whole landscape and ecology with just a few simple tables, or even an easy-to-use computer program?

Well. Now you can.

I mean it doesn't do everything for you, you still have to figure out what a SKULL DRYAD or an ANTI-GRYPHON or a CANOPTIC EEL might be. But if you can do that you can use this system. Go ahead! I believe in you!

Also thanks Henry for letting us host this on your wubsite. I believe in you also.

hi! i'm eric the canoptic eel, official mascot of this blog

(SKULL DRYADs collect skulls but don't do anything particularly macabre with them, they just like the aesthetic. ANTI-GRYPHONs tunnel as quickly as regular gryphons fly and come bursting out of the earth beneath your feet, bright feathers clogged w/ dirt. CANOPTIC EELs live in canoptic jars and would like to borrow your organs for a while)