Friday 2 October 2015

Random Encounters in the Apalachees

  1. Hogs being driven to market in the South
  2. Abandoned Three Sisters garden w/ undead eels in soil
  3. Minor devil fiddling on a hickory stump
  4. Men of the Ordnung in buggies, looking to buy or steal brides
  5. Backwoods trappers in hot pursuit of the Blue Beast
  6. The Blue Beast smoking a pipe of finest tobacco
  7. Gang of hammer-wielding convicts plotting against a machine
  8. Preacher in an apple orchard that has miraculously sprouted overnight
  9. Itinerant clan of mothmen
  10. Smoke rising from a still, bear-traps hidden in the undergrowth around it
  11. Pair of federal agents looking for gunrunners
  12. Gunrunners masquerading as miners
  13. Coal golem, terrified of being burnt
  14. Herd of shaggy, aggressive unicorns
  15. Men passing a jug of Black Drink around a campfire, taking bets of who'll vomit
  16. Witch's cottage in grove of toxic berries
  17. Minor devil chained in furnace of locomotive
  18. Snake-handling evangelists offering life eternal to anyone who tries it
  19. Inbred kid whose banjo has one string made of gold
  20. Old woman dressed in the skin of fresh-killed hogs