Thursday 23 January 2020

400 thousand rubber ducks

shipping container full of:
  1. rubber ducks
  2. ceramic owls
  3. cardboard flags
  4. fancy santas
  5. faulty vacuums
  6. rechargeable batteries
  7. art deco lamps
  8. mouldy twinkies
  9. bugged telephones
  10. easter themed fondue sets
  11. musical plaques
  12. child-friendly steak knives
  13. edible houseplants
  14. animatronic action figures
  15. star war lunchboxes
  16. bootleg dvds
  17. roboticized shaving kits
  18. lockable money boxes
  19. deconstructed speakers
  20. pink vibrators
or 2d20, descriptor and detritus

  1. Rusty, with a broken O2 cycler. Captain is a drunk
  2. Fresh-painted, with a custom stardome. Captain is a nudist
  3. In neon, with a laser projector array. Captain is a gamer
  4. Leaky, with duct tape repairs. Captain is a child
  5. Stolen, with bullet holes in the hull. Captain is a paranoiac
  6. Badly-driven, with a smoking engine. Captain is an insomniac
  7. Chromed, with dekotora accessories. Captain is a hoarder
  8. Latexed, with a promiscuously-shaped chassis. Captain is a pervert
  9. Precisely maintained, with a jury-rigged cannon. Captain is drug dealer
  10. Graffitied, with a studio and darkroom. Captain is an artist
  11. Stuccoed, with a pizza oven and greenhouse. Captain is a gourmand
  12. On fire, with an over-stocked hold. Captain is a compulsive liar
  13. Factory-fresh, with too many antennae. Captain is a cop
  14. Overgrown, with a hazy atmosphere. Captain is an eco-terrorist
  15. Broadcasting nu-metal, with blacked out viewports. Captain is a goth
  16. Plastered with adverts, with a vending machine collection. Captain is a retro enthusiast
  17. Speeding, with incendiary bumper stickers. Captain is a racist
  18. Oversized, with flame decals. Captain is a gentle giant
  19. Heavily reconditioned, with a defunct asteroid drill. Captain is a prepper
  20. Art deco, with a bonsai garden. Captain is a robot
or 3d20; aesthetic, accessories, aviator

1d3 crew members per ship c'mon
  1. Adi Parva
  2. Poboy Ranchero
  3. Hardbody Wang
  4. Corona Vocal
  5. Jainie Eightstreet
  6. Doc Broccoli
  7. Seabury Chrust
  8. Litmus Bic
  9. Taco Softshell
  10. Banjo Bumperton
  11. Slazenger Fats
  12. Collegiate Lam
  13. Hijack Lojack
  14. Teacup Zephyrson
  15. Pluck Gocard
  16. Ratrick Goggins
  17. Lu Monsanto
  18. Bok Choi
  19. Benzene Infomatic
  20. Acceptable Tub
2d20 names. If your dice add to 10, 3d20 instead