Monday 30 December 2019

spell books

Reading through a couple times gives you knowledge (book contents), obviously. None of them is enough to turn you into a sorcerer outright. If you gather a few tomes you can kitbash dark majikks from their combined wisdom. Two books together (referencing specific chapter headings please!) will net you one spell (or knowledge and skills equivalent to a spell). If you can reasonably argue using Book A through Book B to invoke Book C then you can probably do something mildly gamebreaking.

  1. The Chemistry of Cooking
  2. A Practical Guide to Lens Making
  3. Dream Interpretation for the Modern Woman
  4. The Faerie Almanac
  5. Pig Medicine: 20 Years of Porcine Surgery
  6. Non-Earth Metallurgy (Condensed Edition)
  7. Smoke, Mirrors, Sleight-Of-Hand: Magic Without the Magic
  8. The Secret: Empower Yourself with Positive Thinking
  9. The Illusion of History
  10. Phlogiston, Aether and Leylines: Reconciling the Great Mystics
  11. Memoirs of a Murderess
  12. Handbook for Young Wiccans
  13. Abridged Dictionary of Treespeech
  14. Skincare for the Discerning Gentleman
  15. Introduction to Sacred Geometry
  16. Bigfoot Among Us
  17. 12 Kinds of Darkness
  18. Hagiography of Hell
  19. Wheeling Heavens: 2000 Years of Celestial Observation
  20. The Big Book of Trolls (for kids!)
  21. The Big Big Book of Mazes (for adults!)
  22. Conic Tensors: A New Mathematics
  23. Boxing With God: My Story
  24. Alchemy Unlocked: Lead to Gold in 10 Easy Steps!
  25. Owners Manual for Human and Near-Human Bodies
  26. Hidden Science Magazine, pg. 28-33 (Fall Issue)
  27. Composing for Jazz Piano
  28. Alternative Engines: Thermo-Agnostic Engineering
  29. Seasonal Mycology
  30. The Goblin, Gremlin & Goolie Fieldguide
  31. Materiality Thrice Revised: Aesculpe's Annotations Annotated
  32. Environmental Culture: the Ecological Crisis of Reason
  33. Advanced Sailmaking
  34. Temples of Ur: Architecture of a Lost World
  35. Channelling Desire: Sex Magic and Magical Sex
  36. Astral Projection for Insomniacs
  37. Breathing Exercises for Better Health
  38. Have Your Cake And Eat It: A New Weightloss Paradigm
  39. Crochet for Absolute Beginners
  40. Soil Mechanics and Hydrodynamics
  41. The Genealogy of Almost Everybody
  42. The Complete Plays of Gilliam Quakesphere
  43. Birds of the Western North Coast
  44. Advanced Carpentry
  45. Worm Breeder's Compendium
    1. Testing Standards for Precognition, Psychometry and ESP
    2. Biodynamic Agriculture
    3. Freakonomics
    4. Tao Te Ching
    5. Croatoan

    Goooooooooooooosh I guess if you're running actual fantasy you maybe want:
    1. Meditations on the Natures of Air
    2. The Layman's Autopsy
    3. Stolen Sunbeams: A Charlatan's Reminiscence
    4. Urdakken, Cathedral of Stone
    5. Smokeless Flame
    6. Ooze Anatomy
    7. Horologic Machines
    8. Psychopathology
    9. Building Soils for Better Crops
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