Monday 11 May 2015

Random Zelda Minidungeon Generator

Amuse your friends! Populate your hexcrawls! Tantalize your enemies! Punch your skeletons!

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Entrance is
  1. Beneath boulder
  2. Behind mass of cobwebs
  3. Behind mirror
  4. Behind wall of ice
  5. Behind wall of fire
  6. Behind wall of cracked clay
  7. Behind waterfall
  8. Behind locked door
  9. Though crawlspace
  10. At bottom of well
  11. At bottom of lake
  12. At bottom of empty grave
  13. In mouth of giant fish
  14. In hollow tree
  15. In heap of dead leaves
  16. In heap of loose sand
  17. In ornate vase
  18. Up hard-to-climb slope
  19. Atop ivy-covered cliff
  20. Open only at sunset
Roll 1d3+1 for number of rooms. Each room contains:
  1. Four sleeping goblins
  2. Four watchful goblins
  3. Ghost hiding in one of four portraits
  4. Fat orc w/ weak point on back
  5. Giant spider w/ human face on back, weak point on stomach
  6. Skeleton knight
  7. Lizardman knight
  8. Four stationary plant monsters that grow back in 1 round unless killed simultaneously
  9. Firebats
  10. Electrified ooze
  11. Ooze that eats shields
  12. Ooze that turns to stone on exposure to light
  13. Disembodied hand that wants to drag you into another dimension
  14. Four statues, two of which are secretly alive
  15. Laser eyeball on pedestal
  16. Giant, irritable bird
  17. Animated wizard robe w/ bird mask, wizard powers
  18. Mummy w/ paralyzing screech
  19. Nothing
  20. Nothing
  1. Bridge over pit w/ razor pendulums
  2. Icy floor
  3. Knee-high water
  4. Wooden platforms across lake
  5. Ice platforms across lake
  6. Fast-flowing river that takes you out of dungeon
  7. Switch that raises and lowers water level in whole dungeon
  8. Fishing hole
  9. Metal platforms across lake of magma
  10. Jets of flame from cracks in wall
  11. Quicksand
  12. Giant fan blowing you into pit
  13. Exploding flowers
  14. Smashable vases, one w/ fairy in it
  15. Magic fountain, heals you once
  16. Sunbeam, light-sensitive switch
  17. Hidden chest w/ extra reward. Roll again on entrance table
  18. Roll again on monster table
  19. Roll again on monster table
  20. Nothing
Your reward is:
  1. Insultingly small amount of money
  2. Large amount of money in a form you can't conveniently carry
  3. Grappling hook
  4. Boomerang
  5. Fire arrows
  6. Mirror shield
  7. Iron boots
  8. Fishing rod
  9. Slingshot
  10. Bottle of milk, heals drinker
  11. Bottle w/ fairy trapped inside
  12. Telescope
  13. Warhammer
  14. Jar of wind
  15. Mask that lets you read the minds of dogs and stones
  16. Mask that makes you run faster
  17. Mask that lets you never sleep
  18. Mask that makes the children of the forest accept you
  19. Wind-up mechanical mouse that explodes
  20. Compass
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Test dungeon:

Entrance is behind a wall of fire

3 rooms

1st contains metal platforms across a lake of magma
2nd contains quicksand and four statues, two of which are secretly alive
3rd contains a giant fan that blows you into a pit and four plant monsters that must be killed simultaneously

Your reward is a mask that lets you read the mind of dogs and stones.

Then you draw up a map and make it all thematically relevant. So the quicksand is boiling mud, the plant monsters are sulphurous albino cacti, the fan tries to blow you into the mud while the cacti spit sulphur at you and spiky obsidian idols come at you with tomahawks, but if you get the mask from behind the fan you can read their minds and learn why they hate you. You'll figure it out.

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