Tuesday 28 June 2016

d10 Supervillains

from doom patrol
  1. HOT MINUTE. Can move at supersonic speeds between 9:00 and 9:01 in the morning. Is robbing every bank in the city one by one. Stop her by finding her lair and identity, but be prepared for retaliation if she discovers you're investigating her. She could probably just instantly kill you the next morning, depending on how harshly you want to run this.
  2. STOPLIGHT. Robot with glowing green globe for a head. When the globe turns yellow, that's a warning it's about to turn red. When the globe turns red, everyone in the vicinity is frozen in time until it turns green again. Hijacks armoured cars in tandem with gang of armed robbers.
  3. HITBOX. Exerts telekinetic control over the size and shape of everything's hitbox. Can shrink her own so your attacks pass right through everything but her abdomen or expand yours so she can blow up your head by shooting the air to your left. Highly-paid assassin.
  4. LAMPREY LAD. An abandoned child raised by lampreys in the East Anglian fens. Now in command of an amphibious army of lampreys, he intends to take back the seas from the human intruders, starting by draining the blood from lone swimmers and ending with a fullscale assault on the city of London. Twelve years old.
  5. CHIAROSCURO. Can enter any painting and bring stuff out from inside. Steals key items from masterpieces - Magritte's apple, Dali's watch, Vermeer's earring, etc. Can also move between adjacent paintings like the people in the portraits on the walls of Hogwarts. Can't do photographs.
  6. CROWN-OF-THORNS. Any severed part of her contains her whole personality and memory and will grow a new her if left alone for long enough. Covered in poisonous spines. Will sell you fingers as grow-it-yourself goons in exchange for delicious coral.
  7. HOAX. Has the power to make any lie become true. Queen of a fictional island created by a newspaper as a joke, populated by furred trout, tree octopi, jackalopes and Fiji mermaids. Courtiers are exiled royalty from Formosa, Abyssinia and the South Seas. Eats the fruit of spaghetti trees. Playful. Kidnaps children.
  8. BIRD LORD. Believes they can talk to birds and have control over birds. This is false. Fights on behalf of the birds. Lives on a roof. A successful investment banker until their mind was broken by a glancing encounter with the Simurgh.
  9. APE-X. Brilliant physicist from a distant future in which apes rule the Earth. Cast out from the Science Council for his irresponsible experiments with Time Itself, he escaped into the past, where he plans to conquer the planet with advanced technology and make it into the capital of a trans-temporal empire. Hunted by the superteam PRIME-8.
  10. POWDER MONKEY. Monkey with a blunderbuss and a pirate hat. Highly-paid assassin.

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