Tuesday 21 June 2016

Ghost Generator

click to make a ghost

  1. Beggar
  2. Sea captain
  3. Monarch
  4. Scion of noble family
  5. Petty criminal
  6. Manservant
  7. Priest
  8. Witch
  9. Knight
  10. Highwayman
  11. Scholar
  12. Poet
  1. Drowned
  2. Starved
  3. Stabbed in gut
  4. Burnt alive
  5. Strangled
  6. Eaten alive
  7. Throat cut
  8. Head bashed in
  9. Fell from a great height
  10. Poisoned
  11. Decapitated
  12. Froze
  1. Suicide over failed love affair
  2. Unfortunate misunderstanding
  3. Executed for someone else's crime
  4. Freak accident, avoidable with hindsight
  5. Saw something they shouldn't have
  6. Reputation ruined, died in disgrace
  7. Cold-bloodedly murdered for profit
  8. Driven by madness to terrible deeds
  9. Betrayed by closest friends
  10. Broke an oath, with terrible consequences
  11. Harboured ambitions beyond their status
  12. Victim of mob justice
  1. Nude and hideously scarred
  2. Rag-clad, pale as moonlight
  3. Wreathed in ankle-length hair
  4. Masked and shackled in iron
  5. Rotted, crawling with maggots
  6. Face contorted into permanent scream
  7. Bleeding from every orifice
  8. Skinless
  9. Bloated
  10. Weirdly sexy
  11. Formally attired skeleton
  12. Only visible in mirrors
Site Of Haunting
  1. Castle
  2. Crossroads
  3. Catacombs
  4. Church
  5. Inn
  6. Library
  7. Graveyard
  8. Prison
  9. Garden
  10. Abandoned house
  11. Painting
  12. Mirror
  1. Animates objects
  2. Invades dreams
  3. Commands animals
  4. Steals your senses
  5. Possesses your friends
  6. Eats sanity
  7. Has a howl that rots flesh
  8. Turns things inside-out with a touch
  9. Warps the environment into a maze
  10. Makes people forget it exists
  11. Makes people forget you exist
  12. Curses anyone who see it to die the same way it did
Remembered By
  1. Last remaining family member
  2. Eccentric historian
  3. Town drunk
  4. Village idiot
  5. Gravedigger
  6. Guy who runs a weird little shop
  7. Reclusive aristocrat
  8. Night watchman
  9. Woods hermit
  10. Forgetful grandmother
  11. Bartender
  12. Faithful dog
Dispelled By
  1. Finding the body, burying and mourning it
  2. Solving the mystery of their death
  3. Wreaking vengeance on the right person
  4. Completing their final project/quest
  5. Keeping watch over the haunted site until morning
  6. Burning the haunted site to ash
  7. Reminding them what they valued in life
  8. Killing them again with a specific weapon
  9. Beating them in a specific game
  10. Protecting their descendants from a specific evil
  11. Trapping it in a bottle
  12. Hiring a professional ghost eater
  1. Seven drops of ectoplasm, worth money to a professional ghost eater
  2. Final words are the answer to a riddle you'll one day be asked
  3. Lingering sense of contentment, gives bonus to earned XP
  4. Rust-eaten heirloom sword, treasure map hidden in hilt
  5. Lead coin makes any corpse it's buried with emerge from grave to return it
  6. Bottle imp. Your choice of Arnold K. or Robert Louis Stevenson version
  7. Translucent mantle that gives you ghost powers and saps your life force
  8. Townsfolk throw you a party, offer you a spouse
  9. Townsfolk run you out of town but the mayor secretly sends you money later
  10. You get legal ownership over the haunted site
  11. The next time you wake up a valuable poem comes to you, write it down in one sitting without distraction or forget it
  12. You are now an amateur ghost eater

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