Sunday 13 December 2015

Dungeon Generator

So you remember that nifty biome generator we made a while ago. Did that again but dungeons. Change the number in the url to change how many rooms your dungeon has. HAVE FUN.

It's got like 2,400 creature combinations, with 120 adjectives and 20 nouns for each thing in the biome. There are about 120 rooms, 20 for for each room type and 20 general ones. And the NPC generation just completely rocks. THIS IS NOT ENOUGH. For version 2 we'll probably crowdsource a million more rooms from y'all.

Version 1.2 will be first though! It'll let you generate biomes and NPCs and items and dungeon maps and all that separately. Start holding your breath yo.


  1. What can I say? That's some tasty RNG.

  2. Awesome. And again--Awesome.

  3. This still doesn't even work properly by the way. It's not pulling from the full list of rooms. Fix incoming maybe probably.

    1. Should be more or less working as intended now.