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The Biggish Gangs of a Smallish Town

Lavernash is not the biggest town in the empire, and it knows it.
The mafioso of Lavernash are therefore not the biggest either, but they do like to talk shit.

The Clamshell Gang
Everyone in the Clamshell Gang has hair the colour of green fire. They achieve this effect by rubbing freshwater clam guts all through their 'dos every morning, which is awful for their scalps and makes them smell awful. Members of the gang will leave little bits of clamshell and quite a lot of green hair wherever they go. They dress in cheap scale-mail and all wear a scarf - a cutting from one very long scarf being constantly knitted by their leader's mum, Ebonisa Lutwurst. Everyone in the gang wields a flail or a clamknife (or both!), and all have a few poor-quality smokebombs on them. Their hideout is the four and a half storey bar/hostel, The Pauper's Cup, run by Ebonisa.
Tomin Lutwurst runs the gang itself. She's a 4th level rogue and knows one spell, Stinking Cloud, but her variant never smells as much like clams as she wants it to. She dresses in very nice scale-mail and her scarf is the longest and prettiest. Don't make mum jokes.
When you encounter Clamshells they will be standing outside a house acting like they're about to break in and rob it. They won't actually do this though - it's not worth the trouble.

Arben's Cracktooths
If you point out that their name should probably be Arben's Crackteeth they'll point out that Arben's been dead for years now, and besides it's just a name so maybe you should let it go. Then they'll break your jaw. Cracktooths have mastered the art of permanent graffiti, etching their gangsigns into the walls of Lavernash with hammer and chisel. They wade around town bare-chested, with thick metal plates on their arms and broad iron collars around their necks. This armor is as effective as chainmail. If it wasn't they'd be dead already, so it stands to reason. Members of the gang fight with brassknuckles and table legs. Nothing else is allowed. They've also all got one or two metal teeth, one for each brush with the law, which gives them a nasty 1d3 bite attack. Their hideout is a burntout warehouse / illegal fighting arena down in the docks. Animals, people, weird shit a wizard with debts conjured; you name it they bet on it.
Smegot the Dogfucker runs the gang at the moment. He's big, and barely human, and his whole lower jaw has been replaced with rusty steel. Smegot's a 4th level fighter, but he never uses a weapon, just bare fists and 1d6 bite attack. Don't make dogfucking jokes.
When you notice the Cracktooths they'll be standing somewhere shady by the riverfront, carving some actually lovely graffiti into a wall already smothered in it.

The Squid Street Wights
Squidies, as they are commonly referred, are by far the most powerful and successful gang in Lavernash. They provide all of the reagents to wizards performing illegal spells within the town and surrounding countryside. Which is to say every wizard for the surrounding few miles. Squidies congregate in groups of four, and no-one in the quartet will ever work with the other three. They are also all quite short, and this is perhaps the only way to identify them. Squidies don't have a uniform, because they aren't total idiots, though they do carry similar equipment. The gang's preferred
weapon is the crossbow, and most members will secret away a small bottle of squid ink. While technically a condiment, and therefore not illegal, this ink is a wonderful lubricant, solvent and mild poison, as well as being nice to write with. Their hideout is in the sewers under the city, probably. Though Lavernash doesn't have very large sewers, and besides Big George said he heard some weird noises coming from a cave upstream just a day before that big shipment of bearboar hearts, so I reckon... (in short, nobody knows, though everyone likes to wonder)
The leader of the gang is probably still Ship the Smuggler. Ship is a tiny, ugly woman. People suggest that her favourite method of execution is by poison, but this is not true. Her preferred means of killing people is to tie them to a chair and beat them to death over the course of hours. She is not very nice, but she is very good at her job. She is a 4th level MU, but pretends to be a rogue that knows darkness, and wields a crossbow on the very rare occasions that she is required to fight anyone. Don't make jokes about cowards.
If you stumble on the Squid Street Wights they'll be loading or unloading a small rowboat, and you won't realise that they're not dockworkers until they've already decided how to deal with you.

It is green hair, good graffiti, or even a secret door??? It is none of these things.

Gang Fights You Can Get Involved In
  • For the Clamshells:
    • Some bastard of a Cracktooth has carved their name into The Pauper's Cup, and Tomin only painted that wall last year. The Clamshells have politely asked that you go and find the one responsible and nail him to a wall with his own iron teeth.
      The culprit, a halfwit called Gorbin, is currently holed up in the basement of a Cracktooth fightclub, getting soundly slapped for being such a giant mong. If you break in to kidnap Gorbin, the Cracktooths will release the pisslizards from their cages to distract you. Pisslizards are basically iguanas with the stats of wolves, except they piss acidic musk on you while you fight them.
    • A group of Squidies is moving some new and exciting contraband into the city limits - a shipment of giant clams, enchanted to produce a clutch of pearls every day. This shipment is too thematically appropriate for the Clamshell Gang to pass up, so they're hiring you to steal the goods.
      They don't know where the clams are going, but they know where they're coming through - Lavernash does only have one river. The shipment's due in three days, coming upstream along the north bank as soon as the moon dips below the horizon.
      There are three clams, one on each of three rowboats, with three Squidies per boat. As soon as they realise they're under attack they'll push to the center of the river and shoot downstream. If you track the boats to their destination then congratulations! You get to fight the Squidies on dry ground. You also get to fight the foam elemental that guards their warehouse.
  • For the Cracktooths
    • In a rare gesture of goodwill the Clamshells and the Cracktooths are trading a ridiculous amount of hard drugs during one of Lavernash's famous river festivals. You've been hired as extra security, as pretty much already involved in the deal is planning to kill everyone else and steal the drugs. If you get away with the contraband you'll have enough capital to set up as a drug baron in any of the surrounding towns. If you get the deal to go ahead with minimal deaths you'll earn a considerable amount of respect from Tomin and Smegot.
    • A member of the gang has had a truly awful idea: go carve his name across an entire bridge in the middle of Squid territory. Being a terrible idea, the whole gang supports it, so they're hiring you to stand guard while a few of the faster chiselers work.
      The Squidies will be sending three waves to deal with the Cracktooths (and you). First is an 'angry civilian mob', suspiciously well armed. Secondly comes a summoned pleisiosaur, swimming up the river and attacking the carvers directly. Their last resort is to just report you to the local authority, Lavernash's Arbiter of Justice. Your PC's now get to run in terror from a near infinitely powerful representative of the local volcano god. Enjoy a short chase sequence, and don't make eye contact or you will explode without a save. (You should probably make the PC's aware of the power of local law enforcement beforehand)
  • For the Squidies
    • One of the gang's sources has let slip that the Clamshells are planning a raid on a Squid  bakery. You've been hired to defend the bakery from the enterprising cake thieves, without revealing that you're adventurers or that you have any connection to Squid Street. To assist you in this, the Squidies will be keeping your weapons and armour safe for you, and providing you with as many wooden spoons, cookie cutters and weevil bombs as you need. The Clamshells are all 2HD thieves, and they'll flood the place with stinkbombs before they even start picking the lock, just to see if anyone's inside.
    • The Squidies need a distraction. They haven't told you that, of course, just that if you walk into a particular Cracktooth bar, loudly ask 'So do you fuck the dogs or do you let the dogs fuck you?' and then stop yourself getting thrown out a window for at least twenty minutes then they'll pay you a thousand silver chits. Good luck in there.

NOTES: No matter what jobs you do for Lavernash's gangs, there's no way they'll pay you unless you pledge to join to the gang first. And when you join the gang they'll start talking about the advantages of delayed payment packages. Good luck actually making any money in this town.

idk if she has a gang affiliation but she gonna fuck you up

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