Sunday, 17 January 2016

Spoop House Bingo

spoop house is where the ghostman be. if ur gonna go into the spoop house you gotta rememer your spoop bingo which look like this:

dead leaves in corners even though no trees
there keep happening blood
wind noises
house owner is scary OR creepy (or both!!)
the doors keep opening (but nobody opened them!!)
anybody limping
a spooky story about basically anything
lots of organ music
 |    _            _    |
 |   |_ |         | _|  |
 \          /_\         /
   \                    /
moths OR birds
there are flies crawling around but their bodies are all broken they should be dead (wow)
shit poems
the 1890s
cats but specially LOTSA cats
in the mirror there is a person (but they aren't in the not mirror)
lots of organs
everyone in the house is either evil or suuuuuper dumb
cold bits
a man that comes up to you and says 'that house is ghosts!!!'

and be careful cause you dont yell bingo instead there are ghosts and you gotta RUN!!!!

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