Friday, 15 January 2016

Bigger Rations

Ration systems have always kind of shat me off. They're either a pedantic, flavourless mini-game of addition and subtraction or they're totally forgotten about. In order to make rations more interesting I have done the only sensible thing and made them bigger.

These should now work as practical, reasonable loot and also maybe be actual useful tools for once.

You All Spend The Next Week Eating A

  1. child-sized sack of dates
  2. animal carcass
  3. cask of olives in oil
  4. rack of fish
  5. salted rat king
  6. enormous clay pot of pickles
  7. crate of fruitcakes
  8. cauldron of thick soup
  9. bunch of bunches of bananas
  10. single, enormously long sausage
  11. bale of nutritious but bitter herbs
  12. stack of stale pies
  13. small tin of brownish lard
  14. bundle of gristly bones
  15. flock of live chickens
  16. wheel of cheese
  17. ten-foot stale baguette
  18. necklace of dried toads
  19. potted pear tree
  20. pyramid of pineapples
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