Friday, 25 September 2015

Shark Tabble

Tabbles are very important and also are sharks. Thanks for enjoy.

  1. Fat. Scarred. One side of mouth pulled up in grin.
  2. Lean. Dark. A little too long. Spine not smooth enough; jointed like elbows.
  3. Short. Blunt. All mouth, no tail. Fins stunted.
  4. Striped. Poised. Fins suggest elegant, poisonous fans.
  5. Hunched. Intent. Drags itself through the water like it's crawling.
  6. Vacant. Monolithic. Drifts like a glacier, mouth agape.
  7. Misshapen. Symmetrical. Blunt hammer-heads of flesh along length.
  8. Powerful. Uncaring. Kills of spite not for you, but for your species.
  9. Sharp. Tight. Bent like an arrow. Always watching something else.
  10. Silent. Watchful. Mouth itches its way forwards. Tips of fins spasm.
  11. Curved. Pale. Body washes away from a pointed maw.
  12. Driftwood. Roll again for the description of the driftwood.
These all also work flawlessly for describing people, as well. Just roll on through the bits with fins.

Hopefully I included all the sharketypes.

I really wanted to include this shark chart because I love it.

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