Saturday, 4 December 2021

Geology Generator

LandscapeRidgesCliffsCanyonsGulliesTowersScree Slopes
Water ColourEggshellBlue-BlackCrystalRuddyBlue-GreenFoamy Brown
FoliageTall TreesBushesGrassSmall TreesScrubCactus
Leaf ColourDeep GreenBlue-GreyYellowTealRed-BrownPale Green

Bonus Galeb Duhr
  1. Granite. Craggy, happy, self-assured. Minimally weathered, sharp edges on the head and hands. Seen it all, knows it will survive, a little sad that you won't.
  2. Rhyolite. Shy, embarrassed, guilty. Octangular column, hands and legs on every face. Tactile learner, gets distracting easily. Hates bullying.
  3. Sandstone. Rough, argumentative, asymmetrical. Ready to start a fight, then start crying when it gets hit. Other sensitive types make it feel bad, which makes it misdirectedly angry.
  4. Mudstone. Soft, slovenly, slurring. Mumbling drunkard, would like to stand behind you and be ignored even though it's talking in your ear. Advice is annoying but only 50% useless.
  5. Limestone. Limpid, languid, spaced out. Poetic, appreciating art and non-lithic nature. With your ear to it you can hear the tiny oceanic voices it hears all the time.
  6. Tuff. Brittle, jolly, stoically optimistic. Reads the room well, takes sides quickly. You can sense a deep trauma/strength in it.

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