Saturday, 13 February 2021

13 Items

A world in 13 items. A very soothing exercise by way of Archon Smarchon, who further gestures to its origins.
  1. Tartan patch. Too small for a toga, but a bath towel, rucksack, picnic blanket, shawl or very fetching kilt
  2. Reel of tape. It's sticky, it's strong, it has a thousand and one uses.
  3. Flashbulb helmet. Works great on rats and roaches.
  4. Spring boots. Five minutes winding for one extremely unpredictable bound.
  5. Harpoon and winch. Clockwork gearings and polymer line ideal for climbing, hauling, whaling, skyfighting and more.
  6. Snail harness. Lots of nasty little barbs to stop it withdrawing.
  7. Pin rapier. Could be used for sewing, as well as swordfighting.
  8. Bug-in-a-box. A terrifying fire giant painted on the front, but the bug appears to be sleeping.
  9. Baked bean(s). The old beans used to take two hands to lift, but these new canned ones look like... small beans.
  10. Thimbleful of milk. It's as rich, creamy, heavy, heady, soporific as all the stories
  11. A brick of snuff, and a tiny, beautiful tin knife with which to cut and crush it.
  12. Elegant brushes of human hair, and stolen paints.
  13. Ampoule of perfume. Barely larger than you are, blessedly easy to carry but enough for a town.


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