Sunday 23 December 2018

Fairy Generator

on bounding legs of and flapping wings of wielding a that's made of its clothes fashioned from a it’s while
1 frog butterfly lantern gossamer boot smoking a pipesolving a riddle
2 grasshopper hummingbird sword grass book fishing (but not for fish)fighting with a friend
3 heron dragonfly cloak glass pillow counting something inaneharanguing a woodland creature
4 deer bat spear mud kettle reciting poetry to an inanimate objectbuilding a nest
5 kangaroo rat christmas beetle hammer moonlight cutlery practising kissinglooking for true love
6 ballerina sycamore seed flasksnowhandful of coins butchering a killwaiting for someone to rob

art is "mothdust changeling" from mtg
the lorwyn set has a lot of good fairy art

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