Thursday, 18 August 2016

Plague Generator

Have been using the Last Gasp generator generator for ages, obviously, because it's invaluable. So invaluable, in fact, that I reverse engineered it a Python script that builds a javascript generator based on lists you give it, and is way easier (for a little python nerd like me) to edit and test with!

The code is over here on Pastebin, and the first thing I did with it is down below!

A Plague Of:

1 Horses Trampling Crops
2 Dogs Tainting Water
3 Rats Devouring Food
4 Bats Attacking Livestock
5 Sparrows Stealing Restful Sleep
6 Children Destroying Children
7 Tiny Green Beetles Eroding Vows
8 Tiny Green Children Poisoning Friendship
9 WormsInfecting Husbands
10 Mushrooms Bewitching Townsfolk
11 Ooze Absorbing Houses
12 Wind Carrying Off Everything

Go find Moonrats in the 3.5 Monster Manual II and reskin them harddd
(click pic 4 plague)

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