Monday, 7 January 2019

dinosaur sea

rounding out dino trifecta

A fractal coast of fractured stone, cliffs in white and bright ochre. Everywhere teeming clouds of life. Billowing flocks of pterosaurs peel from the cliffs and dive at improbable shoals of gleaming fish. Plankton bloom and bioluminesce, cut through by basking sharks while ichthyosaurs frolick a swell away. People drag in slabs of bark from the swamp and carve every kind of craft: outriggers and kiteboards, kayaks and surfboards, and playfully tussle with the uncaring sea

Whenever anyone rolls a natural 1 they get bigger fished.

Villages Games 1 Fish 2 Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
1 carved into the cheeks, eyes and jowls of stone faces that spew water into the sea belowdive off cliff, swim to island, steal egg, swim back. maybe sharksa jelly swarm, bobbing in their skirts and twining tentacles together like nervous hungry schoolkids2d4 wolfwhales, throwback orcas with the blunt faces and blunter humour of hyenasfinely feathered mosasaur, regal and curious, all the patience its great belly will afford
2 built around the rim of a blowhole, rooftop nets catch falling chunks of fish and other foodget tied to a rope and used as bait for a fish2d12 dartfish pop out of the water with a flash, tear through the wings of pterosaurs or nail into cliff side climbers and thrash, trying to drag them down1d3 sea scorpions clatter about the cliff sides and surge out of the shoreline mindlessly feeling for food1d100 horseshoe crabs, slowly migrating, their trails plotting lunar arcs through the sand
3 burrowed into the underside of a arching causeway, ropes dangling down to snare fish and haul shipscarefully scripted game of ulama, someone loses an eye or a hand probably20d20 writhing forms the length of your arm, catsharks and dogfish, wobbegongs and sawfish, a tumbling ball mad for blooda motile mass of seaweed, twitching twisting limbs of green grip corpses, food for symbiotic fish2d10 crashing, empty-eyed dunkleosteus, as happy to shatter cliffs as ram their aggressor
4atop huge raft of seaweed and guano, flocked over once a season by pterosaursswim through seacaves into the sweep of a blowhole8d6 somnolent squid regard the surface with detached, benthic wisdom, gather beneath human villages at night to share in their dreams1d6 morays jealously guard their porous home. poke sneering maws from their hiding holes but flee a real threata thousand year old nautilus drifts serenely, slow grow into indestructibility and content with the sagacity of centuries
5 in cave accessible via sump, lit by bioluminescent algae in the poolssurf the wake of a megalodon3d4 fisherfolk, their life completely at the mercy of the sea, totally laid back and relaxed5d10 huge-crested tapejarids, gather once a season on the guano islands to court each otheran algal bloom, a toxic wash that swirls against the current hunting hot life
6nestled into the tall walls of a coral reef, kept dry by an enormous dykeleap onto the back of a pterosaur and ride it down into the water3d4 skull faced, white feathered pterosaurs, like seagulls, or dingos, clamour and cajole and pounce on your backfat, happy amoeba, smaller prey forgotten as it gloops around any new point of contacta tentacle, the furthest tip of some beast bigger than your comprehension


  1. That is a bloody dense table. I love it!

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