Wednesday, 9 January 2019

alternate universe spidermans

while this list could technically be used with any superhero the authors strongly urge you to only do spidermans

art by james stokoe

  1. black
  2. a fish guy
  3. a robot
  4. a ghost
  5. a girl
  6. the only normal guy in a world of spidermans
  7. actually a different, shittier kind of bug
  8. just like a million spiders in the shape of a man
  9. a spider with all the powers of a man
  10. a muppet
  11. a nazi
  12. a character in a *musical*
  13. an anime pretty boy
  14. a wuxia hero
  15. a pirate
  16. steampunk cyberpunk a punk
  17. a talking car
  18. a my little pony
  19. a sonic the hedgehog
  20. sponsored by adidas
  21. the straight man for a bunch of wisecracking villains
  22. a villain
  23. a crime boss
  24. the president
  25. russian in a world where communism won
  26. a carnival freak
  27. a private dick
  28. a gladiator in ancient rome
  29. in space
  30. a mad max biker guy
  31. a bird
  32. like an actual real nerd, a gross horrible incel
  33. a dracula
  34. a caveman
  35. in a band
  36. the world's greatest rapper
  37. devoutly catholic
  38. a MAGA chud
  39. a huge stoner
  40. a heroin addict
  41. a professional wrestler
  42. homeless
  43. king of a small european country
  44. an overworked single mother of four
  45. a disney princess
  46. a wizard
  47. a shakespeare character
  48. fat
  49. a venturesome archaeologist
  50. a lovable cockney street urchin
  51. gay
  52. a united states marine
  53. british
  54. an old west sheriff
  55. an ape
  56. a youtube celebrity
  57. a nascar driver
  58. an WWI air ace
  59. the size of a spider
  60. an ecoterrorist
  61. an aztec fighting conquistadors
  62. banksy
  63. a mime
  64. a celebrity chef
  65. autistic
  66. deaf and blind
  67. afflicted by IBS
  68. a frankenstein
  69. a mummy
  70. a baby
  71. like ten different people all sharing a costume
  72. a pokemon trainer
  73. a spirit medium
  74. a cab driver
  75. an alien
  76. uncle ben
  77. aunt may
  78. j jonah jameson
  79. a 30s gangster
  80. dictator of a small south american county
  81. licensed to kill
  82. narcoleptic
  83. made of electricity
  84. a computer program
  85. a skeleton!!?
  86. a billionaire playboy
  87. a cop
  88. actually dead and being weekend at berniesed by the cops
  89. a split personality that peter parker doesn't know about
  90. a gonzo journalist
  91. a nudist
  92. a stage magician
  93. really old
  94. in the kingpin's pay as controlled opposition
  95. a dinosaur
  96. a knight's squire
  97. a serial killer
  98. the hulk
  99. married to {roll again}
  100. you. like whoever you are reading this. its u buddy


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