Saturday, 14 May 2016

Transhuman Classes

  • The Repatterned. Artificial cycling of day and night combined with heavy adenosine control during first two years of life force adaption to state of permanent sleep walk. Heavily retarded for first decade and a half of life before dual wake/sleep halves of brain develop. Patients now exist in dream state, basic functions like feeding, breeding, conversation performed automatically. Somewhat clumsy but incredibly intuitive, adaptive thinkers. Reports of telekinesis likely unfounded. Those of telepathy may bear some investigation.
    Key Manifestations:
    • Lie-Detection
    • Heightened Empathy
    • Uncanny Accuracy

  • Lizards. Psychosurgery on the cerebral cortex is possible at any point after the development of speech skills and before inducing puberty. It is recommended that major body-modifications be installed during the puberty period, but small adjustments to the patient may be performed at any time. Patients will operate a greatly enhanced 'lizard brain', piloting their own bodies. IQ and emotional intelligence are somewhat stunted, but high-speed and precision activities are performed with minimal effort; endurance and control of bodily functions vastly increased.
    Possible Modifications:
    • Bioweapon Integration
    • Cerebral Overclocking Systems
    • Extrasensory Interface Module

  • Plug-Ins. Key sections of hind-brain are removed and replaced with highly-parellelised circuitry, the skull port providing machine interfacing. Learning time for new interfaces is minimal, regular updates to hardware are recommended to assist bug-fixing. Patient now communicates all needs through the on-board AI. Some basic functions may be performed autonomously. Reports of 'inhumane behaviour' unverified. No AI takeover has been confirmed in a laboratory. Subjects, though more expensive than conventional computers, are incredible proficient at adaptive algorithmic solutions; useful for high-speed navigation, database searches, strategic planning.
    Available Upgrades:
    • Mechasuit Guidance I/O Bus
    • Eidetic Memory Store
    • Advanced Hacking Protocols

  • Clouders. Additional sensory input channels must be installed prior to puberty. Mental conditioning should be maintained throughout lifetime, endorphin drip monitored from birth. Client is now a viable node in an ad-hoc cloudhive network. When connected to a cloudhive, mindshare with other members is available over local comms as well as via the central hub. It is recommended that clients avoid over-exposure to new environments to minimise risk of lethal culture shock. Mass consumption of information in safe environments is heavily encouraged. Ownership of firearms is strictly prohibited, as is membership of political parties.
    Benefits of Membership:
    • Mindshare with other Clients
    • Direct-Download Access to Central Infostore
    • Temporary Skill Imprinting

  • Second Lifers. Subject should be monitored after installation of headjack and spinal taps to ensure permanent paralysis has been achieved. Nutritional supplements must be supported by direct stimulation of smooth muscle to prevent atrophy, illness. Subjects connected to V12.6.0.1 equipment or older should be 'woken' every few months to prevent disassociation from their unused body. The subject is now capable of piloting almost any android, drone or vehicle, though repeated transitions between host bodies and occupation of non-humanoid hosts has been shown to have long-term psychological effects.
    Common Host Configurations:
    • 'Wolf' Combat Android
    • 'Raven' Scouting Drone
    • Fursuit


  1. This is ridiculously useful.

  2. Reminds me of Peter Watts' writing. Blindsight is full of transhumans including one who's brain rewired itself after a full hemispherectomy, a guy who rewired the neural pathways that control facial movements to control machinery and supergeniuses that suffer seizures when exposed to right angles.