Saturday, 20 February 2016

Space Opera Planet Generator

What is this planet's single biome?
  1. Temperate rainforest. Tall, slender trees with few branches, gigantic ferns, mist and moss.
  2. Towering red sand dunes. Incongruous oasis cities built around shafts into ancient ice deposits.
  3. World-girdling coral reef. Sinkhole-riddled limestone escarpments lifted by tectonic activity.
  4. Glacier-carved highlands. Cities of ice slowly carried toward their demise in equatorial lakes.
  5. Stagnant bayou. Flat, windless, permanently overcast. Breeding-ground for fun new plagues.
  6. Rolling prairie. Caravans of nomads tend to vast herds of beasts. Nobody knows what trees are.
  7. Volcanic waste. Jet-black jagged lava fields, billowing vents of sulphur, pockets of fertile soil.
  8. Carnivorous death jungle. Agile predators and parasitic vermin vie with the trees themselves.
  9. Cloudscape. Floatstone archipelagos, hovering cities, mysterious and uncharted surface.
  10. Scrapyard. Original surface of planet invisible beneath thousands of years of space junk.
  11. Megacity. Depopulated by long-forgotten economic collapse, whole areas now abandoned.
  12. Zero-atmosphere rock. Domed cities on verge of exceeding population capability.
What kind of thing are the inhabitants?
  1. Human
  2. Mammal
  3. Bird
  4. Reptile
  5. Fish
  6. Insect
  7. Mollusc
  8. Annelid
  9. Plant
  10. Fungus
  11. Machine
  12. Mineral
What's the one personality they're allowed to have?
  1. Honour-bound warrior
  2. Noble savage
  3. Conniving politician
  4. Greedy merchant
  5. Emotionless savant
  6. Decadent aristocrat
  7. Preachy pacifist
  8. Xenophobic fascist
  9. Religious fundamentalist
  10. Eccentric scholar
  11. Enlightened mystic
  12. Comic-relief idiot
Who runs the place?
  1. Corporations
  2. Crime syndicate
  3. Military dictator
  4. Space pope
  5. Absolute monarch
  6. Feuding noble houses
  7. Fairly-elected president
  8. Council of elders
  9. Caste of scientists
  10. Impenetrable bureaucracy
  11. Hive mind
  12. Nobody
What's their aesthetic?
  1. Ancient. Pyramids, weird gods, clay and cuneiform.
  2. Classical. Marble columns and philosophers in togas.
  3. Medieval. Castles, peasants, paladins and wizards.
  4. Renaissance. Conquistadors, courtiers, powdered wigs.
  5. Orientalist. Monks, mandarins, silk and calligraphy.
  6. Arabian Nights. Turbans, harems, eunuchs, bedouin.
  7. Native American. Feathered headgear, buckskins, warpaint.
  8. Cyberpunk. Neon, black leather, hackers and sunglasses.
  9. Space Nazi. Uniforms, jackboots, synchronized marches.
  10. Space Hippie. Wreaths of flowers, nudity, drum circles.
  11. Space Cowboy. Ten-gallon hats and spitting in the street.
  12. Space Gangster. Fedoras and inexplicable Brooklyn accents.
What problem are they having that the crew of your starship could solve?
  1. Civil war
  2. Alien invasion
  3. Mysterious plague
  4. Impeding meteor
  5. Social unrest
  6. Collision w/ parallel universe
  7. Utopia w/ terrible price
  8. Secretly-alive planet
  9. Omnipotent mischief-maker
  10. Time travel
  11. Hippie love cult
  12. Murder mystery

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