Tuesday, 23 February 2016

d20 Birds

  1. Hook bird
  2. Displacer kookaburra. Distracts you with copies of itself while it steals your sausages
  3. Skin suit sparrows. Wacky crazy inflatable arm man made of birds in a person
  4. Camouflage parrot. "Kraark. I am a tree. I am a tree."
  5. Circular owl
  6. Yawny mouthfrog. Yawns itself inside out to become a rubbery yellow frog thing with a mouth full of feathers
  7. Processor heron. Swallows snakes whole. Shits them out as other, more poisonous snakes
  8. Face lyrebird. Its tail is your face, saying rude things about your face
  9. Boxing stork. Challenges you to a stand-up boxing match
  10. Bowerbird
  11. Landlord pelican. Rents out its beak pouch to immigrant families
  12. Escaped fishing cormorant. Brass ring around its neck to prevent it swallowing its catch. Only eats tiny things. Cries a lot
  13. Humanguide. Guides humanbadgers to humans so it can feed on the scraps left behind
  14. Sociable hornbill. Constructing giant palace of animal shit for the immurement of the hornbill queen.
  15. Multitool bill. Wide range of beaks allows it to get at insects in practically any location
  16. Hummingbird phoenix. Dies, is reborn every ten minutes
  17. Detective vulture. Can't eat any corpse unless it has discovered the murderer
  18. Ambitious cuckoo. Tries to steal human babies and leave its eggs in the crib. Rarely succeeds
  19. Psyduck
  20. Spider in disguise

1 comment:

  1. Psyduck! Ha, the possibilities of that! That could be hilarious to throw down in the middle of a hex crawl.