Saturday, 29 July 2017

Yoon-Suin Demon Generator

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Played Yoon-Suin last weekend. Writing material for the next session, whenever that will be. Came up with this demon generator for you to also use. They're designed as quest hooks - either your players will want to summon them and earn their vile gifts, or someone else is already doing that and your players have to bind and dispel them.

Name 1
  1. Choab
  2. Yarmak
  3. Rangda
  4. Vrindok
  5. Gurvala
  6. Dhungrum
  7. Horbilag
  8. Tsuul
  9. Narvash
  10. Shargelon
  11. Vorb
  12. Pandeva
Name 2
  1. the Desecrator.
  2. the Glutton.
  3. the Vile.
  4. the Benevolent.
  5. the Tranquil.
  6. the Coward.
  7. the Insidious.
  8. the Scornful.
  9. the Blind.
  10. the Relentless.
  11. the Luminous.
  12. the Wise.
  1. Yak's head,
  2. Elephant's head,
  3. Dhole's head,
  4. Crocodile's head,
  5. Stag's head,
  6. Bat's head,
  7. Tiger's head,
  8. Eyeball for a head,
  9. Orchid for a head,
  10. Gemstone for a head,
  11. Child's head,
  12. Old person's head,
  1. mantis' body.
  2. monkey's body.
  3. centipede's body.
  4. scorpion's body.
  5. python's body.
  6. salamander's body.
  7. octopus’ body.
  8. vulture's body.
  9. raw entrails for a body.
  10. fat person’s body.
  11. child's body.
  12. old person's body.
  1. Extra heads.
  2. Golden feathers.
  3. Human hands.
  4. Burning crown.
  5. Oozing pustules.
  6. Rusted armour.
  7. Orbited by eyeballs.
  8. Pierced with swords.
  9. Inscribed with poetry.
  10. Wreathed in flowers.
  11. Weeping blood.
  12. Bleeding smoke.
Offers you
  1. beauty
  2. fame
  3. wealth
  4. luck
  5. talent
  6. knowledge
  7. love
  8. protection
  9. vengeance
  10. youth
  11. authority
  12. pleasure
If you can
  1. disfigure something beautiful.
  2. desecrate a sacred site.
  3. destroy a priceless source of knowledge.
  4. bring grief to a family.
  5. see that a sincere promise is broken.
  6. drive a kind and decent person to suicide.
  7. ensure a sadistic criminal rises to power.
  8. sow hope among the oppressed, then crush it.
  9. convince the world a hideous crime was justified.
  10. betray your closest friend.
  11. violate your deepest principle.
  12. kill the last guy it granted a boon to.
Summoned by
  1. sacrificing its component creatures
  2. smoking a certain strain of opium
  3. striking a temple gong with a thighbone
  4. spilling your blood in a sacred pool
  5. losing yourself in a haunted forest
  6. hurling yourself from a lonely tower
  7. falling delirious with the red plague
  8. getting entombed alive with your ancestors
  9. having its image tattooed on your flesh
  10. eating nothing for thirteen days
  11. immersing yourself in excrement
  12. dancing for three days without stopping
And bound by
  1. hammering nails into its shadow.
  2. offering cups of its favourite tea.
  3. tricking it into speaking its name.
  4. fastening iron around its neck.
  5. luring it into a vessel of jade.
  6. seducing it into matrimony.
  7. posing a riddle it cannot solve.
  8. reciting a poem so lovely it weeps.
  9. defeating it in a game of chance.
  10. serving it with a legal injunction.
  11. trapping it in a dancer’s ribcage.
  12. catching it in a net of gossamer.

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