Friday, 11 March 2016

The Journey that is Watching Krull

So we watched the movie Krull tonight. You need to start watching it right now it is so tops.
  • Teleporting castle that is a space ship and also a big fractal statue of the beast that lives in it and also is just a tree stump
  • You have to find a seer to tell you where the castle is and get there in a day or it moves
  • Army of alien suits of armour that look like Alien extras controlled by meat slugs in the head compartment
  • Magic golden shuriken found innocuous patch of.... I think that was lava? Not allowed to use it until the boss
  • Wizard whose only power is turning into a puppy is introduced by shooting himself like a firework at the party and into a pond
  • Cyclopses that can see the moment of their death and are really big miserable fucks
  • Sawdust swamp that is like five foot of water with two feet of sawdust floating on it
  • The party has to take a blind wizard on a journey but they get replaced by a doppelganger on like day one
  • Spider made of glass that is turned off when the sand from a special hourglass is falling
  • Woman covered in veils that lives in a cocoon room in the web of said spider
  • You want what she knows but if you manage to escape the spider throws a tantrum and kills her
  • My apologies they appear to be 'firebrands' and they can run really fast but it sets fire to the ground and presumably just fucks the environment/any nearby farms
  • Touch the magic wall you get sucked into a spikey death room
  • The boss is a lizard with Swamp Thing's mouth that shoots Ganondorf energy balls
  • Marriage is fire powers
  • When the castle explodes all the chunks fall upwards and it looks great

This movie had no idea that women existed, so be ready for that
"I'm just an old man looking for my potatoes"
Only shot in the film you could put in something made tomorrow and have look good


  1. I watched this on Thursday and also took notes on what was stealable. They look a lot like your notes. The biggest thing I think you forgot to mention are the lovely slug screams.

  2. I do think the pacing of Krull is worth noting, in that it is almost 2 hours long... and it seems like they could've cut that down a bit? Maybe? Personally I like the movie for what it is (especially YOUNG LIAM NEESON), but I got some friends to watch it and am now on their movie taste shit list.

    Gotta love blokes with swords going up against armor suits that have Laser Lances. That's how to show the PCs that the big bad has some serious resources.