Friday, 13 October 2017

The Art of Nine Limbs

Substitute Monk rules for our 5th Ed Yoon Suin game

Practitioners of Lethwei, the Art of Nine Limbs, learn one technique from the below list every level. Your Monk level must be equal to or higher than the level of the technique you wish to master, and you must learn these techniques from a master. This could mean training you Bull Style under the head of a martial arts school, or perfecting your Cobra Technique by striking the vital points of a hundred actual cobras

Use the Monk stats for hp (d8), proficiency, etc. Your unarmed attacks deal 1d4 damage and you gain an additional attack every third level. You can only use your Monk abilities while wearing no armour

truly, every part of the Siamese is blessed with venom

1 Boar - rushing attacks, especially with elbows and knees
Charge forward and strike with blinding speed. You always win initiative if starting your turn with this move
Bull - powerful charging strikes
Charge forward and strike with the power of a bull tossing its horns. Throw people around, flip carts, mess up china shops
2 Deer - short leaps away from an attacker
Actively dodge for the turn and you cannot be hit in melee
Eagle - sweeping and blocking with both hands
Actively dodge for the turn and you cannot be hit by projectiles
3 Python - chokes and locks
Lock onto an opponent after a successful attack. If subsequent turns are spent maintaining the grip, the target is paralysed
Scorpion - pinching and seizing nerve centres
Block the target’s chakras after a successful attack; they cannot cast spells for 1d6 turns
4 Monkey - agile movements (requires Deer style)
Perform any non-combat action while dodging and still avoid all melee attacks. Jackie Chan shenanigans
Heron - fast arm movements and short jumps (requires Eagle style)
Actively dodge for the turn and you can redirect up to two projectiles from any volley
5 Viper - attacks to the lower vital points
The target’s movement speed is reduced to half and they lose dex bonuses to AC for the rest of the day. On a crit you may cripple them
Cobra - attacks to the upper vital points
If the target attempts to exert themselves next turn, they take your maximum unarmed damage
6 Tiger - clawing attacks
Your unarmed attacks ignore all armour. Your fingers can gouge metal plate, crush rock, pulverise trees
Leopard - circling; leaping at and tearing at opponents
While above half health, you cannot be struck in melee by anyone lower level than you
13 Black Panther - taught by some teachers as a combination of all the animal forms
Once per day, when below half health, you can spend your turn performing a nine strike combo on a single target. Roll nine attacks. If all nine strikes hit, the target receives triple damage


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